Extremely precise and smooth

Written by: Oriental Motor | Published: 04/18

Independently of your application, the demands of motion and motion control are growing steadily. Beside precision, speed stability and costs, the motor performance is always an important factor. It does not matter if you want to drive a precise conveying system or an extrusion head of a FDM 3D printer, load condition and friction should not affect motor speed. Oriental Motor developed a stepping motor and driver combination which is fulfilling exactly these demands. Extremely precise, smooth and load independent motion, the CVK Series.

Optimising costs

Replace expensive servo motor solutions by using CVK Series. Stepping motor drive systems are providing high torque at low speed. This makes it possible to reduce motor frame size up to 50% at even more torque.

Coming soon: CVK Series SC type

By using CVK Series SC type you can achieve high accuracy and you can simplify your wiring effort of your control system. You can profit from speed stability and smooth drive without using an external pulse generator. It is possible to realise two speed operation and moving direction by I/O.

Beside acceleration time and operating current, the operating speeds can be preselected on driver easily.

In case of motor stop, a preset deceleration ramp ensures constant stopping accuracy. Even if the load conditions changes.