Inphi leverages OpenText Exceed TurboX to consolidate data centres

Written by: OpenText | Published: 09/19

As a leader in high-speed data movement, Inphi Corporation encourages its customers to think fast, equipping them with sleek semiconductor solutions that move big data around inside and between data centres. When Inphi looked to create a single data centre, it relied on enabling technology from OpenText.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Inphi employs approximately 580 engineers and business professionals across 15 locations worldwide. Like other global organisations, the semiconductor company faced challenges consolidating disparate data sources. After assessing its options to optimize its Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools, Inphi deployed a new operating approach, as well as OpenText Exceed TurboX, a thin-client remote access solution for dependable, managed application access for X Window systems.

“OpenText Exceed TurboX is a key enabler of a centralised data centre approach,” said Scott Clark, vice president of information technology and security for Inphi. “We use thin-client technology to make sure that we have good controls and visibility into where our data goes.”