Power productivity of remote workers

Written by: OpenText | Published: 04/20

Business continuity requires users to remain productive. But can engineers do their jobs at peak performance when the software applications they use are slowed down by poor connections?

OpenTextTM ExceedTM TurboX is a high-performance remote-access solution that provides blazing-fast access to graphics-intensive applications running on Linux®, UNIX® and Microsoft® Windows® servers through the internet or a corporate wide area network. It features:

  • Virtual desktop responsiveness for high-performance graphical applications
  • A reliable remote working solution for organizations affected by natural disasters, health crises and other emergencies, such as COVID-19
  • A compelling option for potential employees seeking mobility and virtualization software
  • Global collaboration with the ability to pass control between users in shared remote sessions
  • OpenText will be happy to help provide relief in this critical time, as organizations adapt to a new way of working, with a complimentary trial of Exceed TurboX.

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