SOLIDWORKS CONCEPTUAL DESIGNER—Innovative Single Modeling Environment for Conceptual Design

Written by: SOLIDWORKS | Published: 04/20

With the release of SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, Dassault Systèmes has introduced the first, true single modeling environment for conceptual design. Unlike any other design software—in terms of architecture, appearance, and functionality— SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer brings the 3DEXPERIEENCE® to conceptual designers, providing important utility and performance advantages that improve the conceptual design process and result in greater innovation and efficiency. The solution allows conceptual designers to perform all functions—such as sketching ideas, creating geometry, defining design requirements, communicating with stakeholders, reviewing concepts, modifying models, borrowing from other designs, or simulating performance—all from within a single, flexible cloud-based conceptualization application. Having everything in one place simplifies use of the tool, which aids conceptual design.

Faster Conceptual Design

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer makes conceptual design more efficient because of the fluid, living nature of its cloud-based, thick-client architecture. While the application is initially accessed from and all data is saved to the cloud, robust functionality is maintained locally with only intermittent contact with the cloud server. This enables designers to conceptualize, communicate, and collaborate anywhere that they have web access. Design engineers don’t have to waste time working across different applications or modules, or making decisions based on traditional CAD or production-related constraints. There’s no need to import or export data, leave the environment to search for parts or existing designs, or worry about how part and assembly data will reference each other. With SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, design engineers can effortlessly perform and coordinate every step associated with conceptual design directly from within the software’s single modeling environment.

Better Communication

Communicating with key stakeholders is easier and more effective with SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, regardless of whether stakeholders have or use CAD tools. This is an important capability because it empowers conceptual designers to communicate with all stakeholders in the most convenient, efficient, and effective ways. For example, with CAD tools, designers would generally have to prepare a presentation, schedule meetings, and project their CAD screen to communicate with management, marketing, financial, partner, and customer stakeholders. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer establishes a social media-like network comprising all key players, which supports fluid, dynamic communication to and from computers, tablets, and smartphones. There is no CAD requirement, and stakeholders can use any of the standard web browsers (i.e., Chrome™, Firefox® , and Internet Explorer® ) and their preferred devices to participate in the conceptual design conversation.

Incorporating Inputs in Real Time

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer allows designers to modify new mechanical concepts to incorporate input and feedback in real time without ever leaving the single modeling environment. There’s no need to go away from the design concept to attend meetings or solicit input and feedback. Everyone who can contribute to concept development can review new ideas inside a standard browser and offer insights directly to conceptual designers using SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer. This critical social networking information is communicated from within the same cloud-accessed application that designers use to create, model, and evaluate innovative concepts. It’s as simple as modifying a concept as soon as a legitimate suggestion or comment is received.

Spark Creativity and Innovation

With SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, designers can focus their attention on concepts instead of the design environment, leading to higher levels of creativity and innovation. Greater speed and fewer design constraints empower designers to imagine, explore, and evaluate more design options in less time, resulting in higher levels of innovation, while capturing all conceptual design activity for future use. Although not all design concepts may be ready for immediate development, the SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer single modeling environment provides a platform for stimulating new, more creative approaches to product design that can lead to sustained innovation as part of ongoing product development.

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