Bonding & Assembly

9 Cosmetic Defects and How to Avoid Them

Published: 06/21

As with any manufacturing process, injection moulding comes with its own set of design guidelines, and design engineers who understand these best practices will increase their chances of developing structurally sound and cosmetically appealing parts and products. Here are some common cosmetic ...

Why Material Science is Key to Part Interaction

Published: 02/21

Even a perfectly designed injection-moulded part can fail if manufactured from the wrong material, and with literally hundreds of thermoplastics and elastomers to choose from, it’s often difficult to know which ones will meet the application’s requirements. This is why a host of factors such as ...

Finite Element Modeling/Analysis

Published: 11/20

Finite element modeling is a tool engineers use in designing products across every industry. An engineer will create a 3-D rendering of an assembly with the finite element software and define each material of interest. In order to run simulations to predict performance, the 3-D model defines the ...

Bonding to Different Metal Substrates

Published: 11/20

Designing with metal For manufacturers, metals are cost-effective, perform well across a wide range of temperatures, show fairly good weather resistance and have excellent strength. End consumers trust metals: they’re solid and sturdy, they’re cool to the touch and cool to the eye. Metals can ...

Bonding multi-material (dissimilar) assemblies with tapes and adhesive

Published: 11/20

Recent trends and advancements in the manufacturing and cost reduction of composite materials has seen an increase in their usage in transportation, industrial and many other markets, as well as their continued use in the aerospace field. Driven by increased government regulations on vehicle ...

5 Ways to Master Complex Features in Injection-Moulded Parts

Published: 02/19

Design more engaging and efficient parts, and reduce production costs, with these tips

Designing Liquid Silicone Rubber Prototypes and Components

Published: 02/19

Learn how to optimise LSR parts with 6 simple design considerations.