Mounting: Practical Application

Written by: Camloc Motion Control | Published: 10/18
Figure Sixteen: 10mm of Unused Stroke Example

When positioning a gas spring, what are the most suitable positions and why?

Unused Stroke

When positioning a gas spring, Camloc’s preference is to allow 10mm of unused stroke.

The reason for this is to allow for the stack up of manufacturing tolerances in the application, preventing the gas spring from bottoming out before the lid is fully closed.

Preventing Instant Lift

Positioning the moving mounting point so that it creates an over-centre condition when the lid is closed will aid in reducing instant opening of the lid.

Figure seventeen highlights two examples; one of a spring position which will lead to instant lift (on the left) and one which is over-centre and will reduce the potential of instant lift (on the right).

Figure Seventeen: Preventing Instant Lift Spring Position Example

Reducing Handling Forces

To help reduce handling forces, the following strategies can be used:

Figure Eighteen: Reducing Handling Forces Example

- Move the mounting point Y1 closer towards the pivot by reducing the stroke.
- Consider whether the opening angle could be reduced.
- Move fixed mounting point Y2 to a more suitable location.