Share your expensive engineering workstations in a data centre

Written by: OpenText | Published: 09/19

Organisations have traditionally provided knowledge workers with high-end 3D workstations, which are expensive, difficult to maintain and keep users tied to their desk.

Sharing expensive engineering hardware and software through a central data centre brings many benefits.

  • Hardware and software maintained in a central datacenter is far more secure and resistant against external and internal attacks.
  • Sharing hardware and software can save huge amounts of IT budget for hardware and maintenance.
  • Time and bandwidth required for synching large product design files from local workstations to network storage goes away. All designers can work from a single dataset.
  • Engineers can access their Engineering software from any device and from anywhere. Often Engineers need to help get production up at third party sites. Having access from anywhere (office, home, customers) is a big advantage.
  • Remote access infrastructure can be setup to provide high availability, so single points of failure won’t affect the team.