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Increase Your Linear Static Productivity in Six Minutes

Published: 11/20

Boost Your Engineering Problem Solving Power. See six capabilities that significantly increase your linear static productivity in six minutes.

Understand Opportunities and Threats for High-Tech Companies

Published: 11/20

Be prepared to address the critical business issues facing the high-tech industry.

GE Healthcare Cuts Costs and Streamlines Its Workflow with Flow Simulation

Published: 11/20

Hear experts from GE Healthcare discuss how they successfully use CFD throughout their device design process.

Find Out What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2021

Published: 11/20

New Capabilities Will Improve Your Overall Design-to-manufacturing Process. Advanced assembly and new drawing capabilities are among the many enhancements.

Topology optimization: how does it benefit designers?

Published: 10/20

In an increasingly global market, competitive pressures create demands on manufacturing organizations for increased innovation, automation, and throughput across every department, but especially product development.

The Single Modeling Environment—A New Paradigm for Conceptual Design

Published: 04/20

The single modeling environment for conceptual design establishes a new, instinctive paradigm for how design engineers create new mechanical design concepts and work with conceptual geometries. By stripping out all unrelated tasks and distractions, streamlining user interaction with conceptual ideas and models, and integrating communication and collaboration capabilities, the single modeling environment makes conceptual design more efficient, instinctive, focused, and productive.

Empowering Conceptual Design via the Single Modeling Environment

Published: 04/20

Developing innovative design concepts is critically important to the success of product development organizations, large and small, because these ideas lay the foundation for future business success. Using conventional CAD software for conceptual design presents challenges because traditional modeling tools—developed to finalize designs and support manufacturing/assembly—constrain the freedom, flexibility, and creativity that drive effective conceptual design. With the SOLIDWORKS® Conceptual Designer single modeling environment, design engineers have a dedicated platform that is completely focused on quickly capturing, developing, and communicating design ideas and concepts.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual designer single modeling Environment Drives innovation in Conceptual Design

Published: 04/20

Innovation in design solutions mirrors innovation in product development. The design engineer’s toolset has dramatically evolved over the past few decades—from manual drafting to computeraided design techniques and from 2D CAD tools to 3D parametric systems. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer represents the next evolutionary advance in conceptual design.

SOLIDWORKS CONCEPTUAL DESIGNER—Innovative Single Modeling Environment for Conceptual Design

Published: 04/20

With the release of SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, Dassault Systèmes has introduced the first, true single modeling environment for conceptual design. Unlike any other design software—in terms of architecture, appearance, and functionality— SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer brings the 3DEXPERIEENCE® to conceptual designers, providing important utility and performance advantages that improve the conceptual design process and result in greater innovation and efficiency. The solution allows conceptual designers to perform all functions—such as sketching ideas, creating geometry, defining design requirements, communicating with stakeholders, reviewing concepts, modifying models, borrowing from other designs, or simulating performance—all from within a single, flexible cloud-based conceptualization application. Having everything in one place simplifies use of the tool, which aids conceptual design.