Exceed TurboX remote access for the Oil and Gas industry

Written by: OpenText | Published: 07/19

OpenText Exceed TurboX (ETX) reduces the cost for implementing and maintaining remote access to graphically demanding software solutions on UNIX, Linux and Windows. For exploration and production companies that work with a dispersed workforce of geologists and contractors, working and collaborating on shared data sets can be a challenge.

OpenText Exceed TurboX allows internal and external teams to collaborate in real time. This improves productivity, reduces the need to travel, and eliminates the risk of sensitive data being lost.

Exceed TurboX is a high-performance remote-access solution that empowers a truly global workforce, providing access to UNIX, and Microsoft Windows desktops and applications through the web or corporate WAN. This improves the reach of your enterprise applications and allows for data center consolidation to reduce costs and increase security. Exceed TurboX offers granular settings for remote file, printing and clipboard access which can make sure no bit of information leaks outside the data center. Many verticals are using Exceed TurboX to deploy their graphically demanding software to their users. Verticals include Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Manufacturing, Architectural Engineering, Oil& Gas, Utilities and many more. Employing a remote access infrastructure and global datacenters enables cost savings with a quick Return on Investment.