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In the first of a series of topics, Eureka has teamed up with experts ANSYS and COMSOL to explore simulation, which is of integral importance to a vast range of projects and industries.

Used at the right time and in the right way, simulation can reduce design time, help identify potential failures earlier in the product development cycle and enable simulated tests that might not otherwise be possible.

From spreadsheets to multiphysics applications, ABB continues to power up the transformer industry

Published: 09/16

Companies developing new and improved power transformer equipment incur costs for prototyping and testing as they work to reduce transformer hum. At ABB, a team of engineers develops multiphysics simulations and custom-built applications to offer ...

Optimising the Performance of Complex Building Façades

Published: 09/16

Using multiphysics simulation to understand the interaction between environmental, geometrical, and structural variables, engineers at Newtecnic ensure that innovative building façades are both beautiful and buildable.

Simulation Apps Provide Multidisciplinary Teams with a Competitive Edge in the Race to Deliver the Best 5G and IoT Solutions

Published: 08/16

The COMSOL Multiphysics software and its Application Builder provides simulation experts with the tools needed to turn their detailed physics and mathematical models into easy-to-use simulation apps for use by everyone in their organisation and ...

Webinar: Multiphysics Simulations for Power Generation and Distribution

Published: 07/16

Date: 27th July 2016 Time: 14:00 Speaker: Scott Smith, COMSOL Ltd

Continuous Casting: Optimising Both Machine and Process with Simulation

Published: 07/16

As manufacturing processes become more sophisticated, the demand for bigger and better steel products increases. SMS Concast uses simulation to ensure their customers can bring steelmaking into new realms of size, quality, and complexity while ...

Webinar: The Basics of COMSOL Multiphysics in 18 Minutes

Published: 07/16

Date: 2nd August 2016 Time: 16:30 Speaker: Lexi Carver, COMSOL Ltd

Ensuring Reliability and Safety of Connected Car Technology

Published: 05/16

Gain insights into how engineering simulation is helping solve key engineering challenges in developing connected car technology, including sensing and connectivity, reliability and safety, and durability.

How Engineering Simulation Can Facilitate the Addition of Internet of Things to Medical Devices

Published: 05/16

Healthcare providers are demanding technologies that reduce overall costs for the prevention or management of chronic illnesses. This category includes technologies that use devices that constantly monitor health indicators; devices that ...

Why Engineering Simulation is Critical to Your Smart Product’s Success in the Internet of Things

Published: 05/16

The Internet of Things is a powerful, but often misunderstood term that describes the connectivity between products where information is exchanged in real time between other products and users. The push for smart(er) products is not a new concept ...

Engineering the Internet of Things White Paper

Published: 05/16

All around us connected devices are proliferating. New, innovative products are emerging almost daily, and familiar products are benefiting from newer, smarter functionality. These developments come with the promise of making us healthier and safer, ...