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In the first of a series of topics, Eureka has teamed up with experts ANSYS and COMSOL to explore simulation, which is of integral importance to a vast range of projects and industries.

Used at the right time and in the right way, simulation can reduce design time, help identify potential failures earlier in the product development cycle and enable simulated tests that might not otherwise be possible.

ANSYS announces winners of 2018 Hall of Fame competition

Published: 01/18

From improving automotive engine systems to studying the formation of aortic aneurysms to developing more innovative skis, the winning entries of the annual ANSYS Hall of Fame competition highlight how engineers are solving complex challenges with ...

COMSOL 5.3a expands its range of innovative multiphysics modelling tools

Published: 12/17

COMSOL Multiphysics and COMSOL Server version 5.3a bring unprecedented modelling power to users by integrating new numerical methods for multiphysics modelling and app development.

COMSOL congratulates the 2017 Create the Future Design Contest winners

Published: 12/17

COMSOL will celebrate with the winners of the 2017 Create the Future Design Contest at a reception in New York City this evening.

Modelling low-temperature plasma in COMSOL

Published: 12/17

Date: 14th December, Time 7:00PM GMT If you want to learn how to model low-temperature plasma in the COMSOL Multiphysics software, then tune into this webinar.

MTC develops simulation app to revolutionise design for additively manufactured parts

Published: 12/17

The Manufacturing Technology Centre takes a new approach to part design and interdisciplinary research, using simulation and computational apps to support teams across the company.

5G high-speed interconnect design

Published: 12/17

Date: 7th December, Time: 7:00PM GMT If you want to learn about designing high-speed interconnects for 5G and Satcom applications, tune into this webinar with guest speaker Eric Gebhard of Signal Microwave.

Making the case for digital exploration

Published: 12/17

The same simulation technology once reserved for expert analysts is now available to all design engineers, and it’s easier to use than you think. Click the link below to reveal the full infographic from ANSYS.

Infographic: Digitization of energy and power

Published: 11/17

Energy and power industries demand products and processes with ever increasing levels of safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance, and more operational capabilities, while lowering costs and using fewer resources. Click the link below to ...

First look at the latest COMSOL Multiphysics software unveiled at the COMSOL Conference 2017

Published: 11/17

Attendees at the COMSOL Conference 2017 Rotterdam enjoyed a sneak preview of new software features, technical panel discussions on medical and acoustics simulation, minicourses, and presentations of papers and posters on cutting edge multiphysics ...

Infographic: Digitization of high-tech

Published: 11/17

The High-Tech Industry is innovating faster than ever to meet the demands of a connected digital world–from smartphones to autonomous vehicles to patient-specific medical treatment and digital twins. Click the link below to reveal the full ...