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In the first of a series of topics, Eureka has teamed up with experts ANSYS and COMSOL to explore simulation, which is of integral importance to a vast range of projects and industries.

Used at the right time and in the right way, simulation can reduce design time, help identify potential failures earlier in the product development cycle and enable simulated tests that might not otherwise be possible.

CAE democratisation in focus at COMSOL Day Cambridge

Published: 02/17

COMSOL has announced the first ever COMSOL Day to be held on 30th March in Cambridge, UK. This free one-day event is open to anyone who wants to enhance their modelling skills and learn more about simulation apps.

Designing an optimised racing longboard with ANSYS AIM

Published: 02/17

The ideal racing longboard maximises stiffness and minimises weight. ANSYS AIM simulation was used to determine the ideal number of plies of material in a racing longboard to optimise this flex–weight ratio that was determined to be five plies for ...

LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS allows users to build simulation apps that integrate with CAD

Published: 02/17

COMSOL has announced an update to its LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS product. As an add-on to the COMSOL Multiphysics software, LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS allows a CAD model to be synchronised between the two software packages.

Whitepaper: Anticipating the Next Revolution in Engineering Simulation

Published: 02/17

This white paper discusses the ways that simulation must change to make it a more ‘democratic’ tool that can be used by everyone on the development team - from veteran product engineers to less experienced designers at the beginning of their careers.

Taming Product Complexity with Pervasive Engineering Simulation

Published: 02/17

Manufacturing is undergoing the most fundamental transformation since the introduction of the assembly line. Trends like the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and machine learning are merging the physical and digital worlds, resulting in ...

ANSYS in ACTION: Heat Exchange in an Exhaust Manifold

Published: 02/17

Exhaust manifolds are used to collect several exhaust gas streams, one per engine header, into a single pipe. The thermal performance of the exhaust manifold is a key contributor to engine performance. It is important to keep the manifold hot to ...

ANSYS in ACTION: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a CPU Cooler

Published: 02/17

CPUs generate a significant amount of heat during operation that must be removed to maximise CPU performance and prevent damage to components and soldered connections. CPUs placed in demanding, harsh environments are especially at risk for thermal ...

ANSYS in ACTION: Pressure Drop Through a Valve

Published: 02/17

Pressure drop through a valve is a function of system demand and increases with increasing flowrate. Understanding pressure drop in valves and the response to changes in flowrate in the connected system is a key concern for engineers who need to ...

ANSYS in ACTION: Evaluating Bolted Connections and Tightening Sequences

Published: 02/17

Bolt preload is the tension generated in a bolt when it is tightened, creating the clamping force between components that allows a bolted connection to transfer mechanical loads. Preloading the bolts and evaluating the optimal bolt tightening ...

ANSYS in ACTION: Evaluating Fatigue on a Bicycle Frame

Published: 02/17

Biking enthusiasts want bicycles that are durable enough to withstand their pursuits while being light enough to transport easily. Bike manufacturers want to meet customer expectations while minimising material and transportation costs. Bicycle ...