Technical Guide – Edition 1.2: Gas Spring Overview

Published: 10/18

This whitepaper is the second edition to the two-part series “Gas Spring Overview”. It provides a wealth of technical information to aid in design projects which require assistance with motion control. This edition discusses “damping”, “metering & extension speeds”, “friction & P1 - P4 charts”, ...

Technical Guide – Edition 1.1: Gas Spring Overview

Published: 10/18

This whitepaper is the first of two editions put together as a technical overview of gas springs and dampers. It provides a wealth of technical information to aid in design projects which require assistance with motion control. This edition discusses ‘forces’, ‘effect of rod diameter’, ‘effect of ...

Understanding the basics: Guide to gas spring application

Published: 10/18

An explanation of what a gas spring is, component parts, and how they are both constructed and operate. It gives the reader a basic understanding of the workings and terminology used when specifying gas springs. It offers technical recommendations and guidelines for different mounting positions on ...

Outperforming mechanical fasteners: Using structural adhesives for structural applications

Published: 11/17

As times change and products become more sophisticated, manufacturing techniques must be refined to accommodate new needs in structural applications. Download this whitepaper from bonding specialists, 3M to find out how.

Whitepaper: Innovations in bonding to low surface energy surfaces

Published: 11/17

In this whitepaper, 3M explains how manufacturers can take advantage of the benefits of using adhesives and bonding tapes to robustly bond low surface plastics. Download the whitepaper by clicking the link below.

How the energy industry is powering global prosperity with pervasive engineering simulation

Published: 10/17

Global prosperity requires reliable energy at a reasonable cost. In this whitepaper, ANSYS explains how – to meet this demand – the industry is changing the way it produces energy and power, whether it comes from hydrocarbon, nuclear or renewable means. Supplying it requires disruptive ...

Pervasive engineering simulation supercharges automotive design

Published: 08/17

Consumers are demanding efficient, reliable, safe, environmentally friendly, smarter, connected and increasingly autonomous vehicles. Regulators continue to demand improvements in safety and emissions. The automotive industry must deliver these increasingly complex products to market faster, in the ...

Whitepaper: Ensuring reliability and safety of connected car technology

Published: 06/17

The internet has now come to the automobile, bringing connectivity for infotainment, telematics and vehicle data analytics. The connected car is rapidly becoming a key node in the emerging Internet of Things. While connected car technology is a bonus and a pleasure for car buyers, it poses ...

Whitepaper: Fast-tracking Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous Vehicles Development with Simulation

Published: 06/17

Developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles is a challenge without precedence. Whole new engineering fields – such as artificial intelligence – need to be developed, yet time-to-market is short with intense competition. Estimates indicate that billions of miles of ...

Whitepaper: A cost-effective model-based approach for developing ISO 26262 compliant automotive safety related applications

Published: 05/17

This paper presents an approach for the development of ISO 26262 compliant software applications based on Model-Based Design (MBD) and certified Automatic Code Generation (ACG). When using such a method, strong benefits can be achieved in reducing software verification costs while meeting the ...

Digital Exploration

Published: 05/17

There are many reasons to use simulation early in the development process, but time to market and cost are chief among them. Around 80% of a product's development costs are locked in early in the concept phases, making early rapid iterations critical. By performing very quick "what-if" analyses, ...

Whitepaper: ANSYS Simulation Platform: A Strategic Platform for Connecting Simulation with The Business of Engineering

Published: 02/17

In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure business world, it can be difficult for engineering organisations to step back and strategically examine the technology portfolio supporting their engineering functions. As a result, most teams are relying on a set of disconnected engineering tools that have ...

Whitepaper: Anticipating the Next Revolution in Engineering Simulation

Published: 02/17

This white paper discusses the ways that simulation must change to make it a more ‘democratic’ tool that can be used by everyone on the development team - from veteran product engineers to less experienced designers at the beginning of their careers.

Why Engineering Simulation is Critical to Your Smart Product’s Success in the Internet of Things

Published: 05/16

The Internet of Things is a powerful, but often misunderstood term that describes the connectivity between products where information is exchanged in real time between other products and users. The push for smart(er) products is not a new concept for designers. Embedding software and electronic ...

Engineering the Internet of Things White Paper

Published: 05/16

All around us connected devices are proliferating. New, innovative products are emerging almost daily, and familiar products are benefiting from newer, smarter functionality. These developments come with the promise of making us healthier and safer, as well as more efficient, innovative, ...

Start a workflow revolution

Published: 04/16

Computer-aided design (CAD) software modernised drafting, bringing it into the digital age. But while it increased productivity and merged the roles of draftsmen, designers and engineers, it did little to empower those outside these specialised fields. Software for other fields however, has enabled ...

Whitepaper: Achieving Product Development

Published: 01/16

Based on the experiences of over 550 respondents, this report will explore how companies today are approaching product simulation. Specifically, it will look at how best-in-class companies turn to a consolidated simulation platform to reduce overall costs, improve operational efficiencies, and ...

Whitepaper: Saving Time and Reducing Costs Through Simulation Consolidation

Published: 01/16

Simulation is a technology that has simply increased in recent years because of the many benefits it can bring to product designers. However, there are best practices that should be followed when implementing this technology. Multiple point solutions do not perform as well as an integrated ...

Whitepaper: Addressing Engineering Challenges of Increasingly Complex Automobiles

Published: 01/16

Today’s automobiles have incredibly complex technology compared to those just a few years ago. And the complexity is increasing at a rapid pace driven by major market drivers such as a push for higher fuel efficiency, smarter controls, and the end consumer’ insatiable desire for advanced ...

Whitepaper: Engineering the Next Industrial Economy Indusrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Published: 01/16

The Industrial Internet of Things will improve efficiency through Big Data analytics. But how will this happen quickly? It will require vast improvements in electronic systems to increase speed, optimise power consumption, reduce electromagnetic interference, and ensure physical as well as software ...

Whitepaper: Systems Engineering for Smart Products

Published: 01/16

Today’s products are increasingly more intelligent and interconnected – thus the widely adopted ‘smart’ prefix – smart cars, smart buildings, smart appliances. Software-controlled mechatronic systems are used routinely to deliver advanced features, improve safety and reduce power consumption. ...