Brushless Motors: Powerful water jet protection with IP66 and flexible control

Written by: Oriental Motor | Published: 04/18

A comprehensive IP66 motor and driver package lineup with high efficiency and four speed control possibilities.

  • Stainless steel round shaft
  • Geared types
  • High torque

Water resistant

A new type of connector has been designed, which includes a built-in gasket and O-ring. This allows for the motor to achieve an IP66 degree of protection in both the motor and connector, enabling it to be used in environments where powerful water jets may be an issue.

BLE2 series control operating

This Series has been fully revamped. The motor, driver, and cables have been completely redesigned while retaining the original advantages of the brushless DC motors. The driver can be controlled locally via the front panel or remote-controlled operation by using analogue voltage. Benefit from easy parameterising with our data setting software MEXE02 via USB.