Industry 4.0 - The AZ Series with MEXE02 data setting software makes it possible

Written by: Oriental Motor | Published: 04/18

With the parameterisation software MEXE02 realise extensive status monitoring like continuous surveillance of engine and driver temperature, load factor and speed. In case of exceptional events temperature monitoring can be used to cool down closed cabinets setting a digital trigger signal for counteracting measures.

Simple settings and easy operations

Make basic settings like operating data adjustment and parameter settings. Integrated controller type drivers are able to execute sequence motion control. Driving automatic motion profile combinations without global PLC is possible.

Test functions

Teaching a test run for instance can be done before the configuration with the main control system has been finally set. This contributes to an essential optimization applying the initial setup time.

Monitor function

The monitoring of the corresponding input and output signals can be carried out with a lucid software function. This software function supports the I/O wiring with a PLC. Optionally the bus system operation can be checked and assigned interfaces verified.

You can find more information at the AZ micro site - MEXE02