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Mounting: Dampers

Published: 10/18

Should dampers be mounted rod up or rod down?

How to reduce CNC machining costs

Published: 11/20

CNC machining keeps improving and advancing every year, and, therefore, gets a bit more complex each year. As a result, it can be challenging to keep pace with the dos and don'ts of part design. But lowering the cost of machined parts while ...

Finite Element Modeling/Analysis

Published: 11/20

Finite element modeling is a tool engineers use in designing products across every industry. An engineer will create a 3-D rendering of an assembly with the finite element software and define each material of interest. In order to run simulations to ...

Bonding to Different Metal Substrates

Published: 11/20

Designing with metal For manufacturers, metals are cost-effective, perform well across a wide range of temperatures, show fairly good weather resistance and have excellent strength. End consumers trust metals: they’re solid and sturdy, they’re cool ...

Bonding multi-material (dissimilar) assemblies with tapes and adhesive

Published: 11/20

Recent trends and advancements in the manufacturing and cost reduction of composite materials has seen an increase in their usage in transportation, industrial and many other markets, as well as their continued use in the aerospace field. Driven ...

Topology optimization: how does it benefit designers?

Published: 10/20

In an increasingly global market, competitive pressures create demands on manufacturing organizations for increased innovation, automation, and throughput across every department, but especially product development.

Design through analysis: simulation-driven product development pays business dividends in transition to smart manufacturing

Published: 10/20

Manufacturing companies in today’s competitive global business climate face a seemingly insurmountable dichotomy: the need to develop, produce, and launch more innovative products of increasing complexity in less time and at lower cost while ...

Design through analysis: improving product design and automating manufacturability with topology optimization

Published: 10/20

Opening paragraph (a summary of the main body of the content in no more than two sentences) The availability of new manufacturing technologies—combined with demands for greater product development automation, innovation, and throughput—creates both ...

Thermoplastic vs. Thermoset

Published: 10/20

Two broad categories of plastic materials exist: thermoplastics and thermosets, which are differentiated based on their behaviours in the presence of heat. This design tip offers a few considerations to keep in mind when using these materials.