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Effects of Temperature on Handling

Published: 10/18

What are the effects of temperature on handling forces?

Digital manufacturing and the future of dentistry

Published: 08/22

Major dental work traditionally takes days of time and effort but as technology evolves even complex treatment is possible in just a few hours thanks to digital technology.

Evaluating UV-Resistant Plastic Options

Published: 08/22

​Everyone knows they should apply sunscreen when lying on the beach or spending a lazy Saturday afternoon fishing. That’s because the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can wreak havoc on unprotected skin, causing a painful sunburn or worse. Polymers ...

Life-cycle Analysis (LCA): Challenges and Solutions

Published: 07/22

What is Life-cycle Analysis (LCA)? Life-cycle Analysis (LCA) is the comprehensive analysis of a product’s entire life cycle system in terms of sustainability.

Glass Transition Temperature of Polymers

Published: 07/22

There’s an important but often overlooked material consideration when designing parts for plastic injection moulding. It’s called Tg, short for glass transition temperature. We’ll get into the science behind it all later, but for now, just know that ...

General Drones: Saving lives at sea with support from Protolabs

Published: 06/22

Reduced rescue times with Protolabs' MJF and SLS technology.

Challenges on the Horizon

Published: 06/22

The Aerospace industry is no stranger to innovation, but the twin challenges of the pandemic and the ongoing needs to address carbon emissions has left it with some difficult challenges on the horizon. These were clearly recognised from a Protolabs ...

Understanding Powder Bed Fusion Technology

Published: 06/22

Powder bed fusion (PBF) is an additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, technology that uses a heat source—typically a laser—to sinter or fuse atomised powder particles together. Like other additive processes this is done one layer at a time until the ...

How can the European electric vehicle industry find its place on the global stage?

Published: 05/22

While the European electric vehicle industry has seen a surge in sales, many major OEMs are yet to make their presence felt on the EV stage and the region faces many challenges moving forwards.