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An A-Z Guide to CNC Machining Technology

Published: 05/24

CNC machining where precision meets innovation. In this blog, we'll explore the macroscopic number of technical terms that shape the landscape of CNC machining and dismantle them - to gain a true understanding of their meaning.

Robotics and automation: what lies ahead?

Published: 05/24

The UK is the 8th largest manufacturing nation, however, the UK comes in at number 25 on the robot density league table. What are the barriers to adoption and what opportunities does robotics and automation open up?

How a Modified Just-in-Time Manufacturing Approach Evolved for Supply Chains

Published: 05/24

Remember the news coverage a while back showing cargo and container ships near the ports? Some of which were at dock loading or unloading and others were anchored off the coast for days on end?

How Much Does 3D Printing Cost? Key Factors to Consider

Published: 05/24

No one wants to spend more money than necessary on parts development. Customers often think their choice of material has the biggest effect on cost, but while material does have some influence, the main cost drivers for additive parts are build time ...

Read Southco’s NEW Renewables Flyer!

Published: 04/24

Read Southco’s NEW Renewables Flyer! When designing critical infrastructure, access hardware is a crucial consideration. Products chosen to secure doors, seal panels, and position access points can influence the overall performance, security, ...

Pets Travelling First Class with the Help of Southco’s Access Hardware Solutions

Published: 04/24

Working as a team, Dog&Drive with Southco’s help have created a market-leading folding-stair application to aid in the transportation of animals – ensuring the ease and comfort of both the animals and their owners remain at the forefront of its ...

The Route to Success: Critical Factors for Achieving Sustainable Mobility

Published: 04/24

​Sustainable Mobility can be defined in many ways. Is it a concept for transforming how we transport from an ecological standpoint? Is it taking into account the accessibility of travel with a particular focus on more vulnerable people within ...

Understanding Injection Moulding Tolerances

Published: 04/24

While injection moulding is a relatively precise process, there may be very slight variations between your design and your finished part. Tolerance is the range of deviation in specifications that still allows your part to function as needed. This ...

Comparing the Cost between Injection Moulding and 3D Printing

Published: 04/24

Applications for 3D printing are expanding rapidly in response to new materials, technologies and secondary processes announced seemingly daily. We now see additive manufacturing being used for not only prototyping, but also production parts to ...

Lab Equipment Access Technology Enhances Ergonomics and Productivity

Published: 03/24

Today’s clinical research labs use a wide range of automated tools to perform their vital tasks, including large-scale centrifuges, high-speed liquid sampling systems, storage refrigerators and other equipment. Significant growth rates are projected ...