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How DMLS Can Be Used to Produce Reliable Metal Parts

Published: 11/23

When the first direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) machines hit the production floor, some in the manufacturing community assumed the end of traditional machining was near. After all, how cool is it to fill a machine with metal powder, load a CAD ...

Protolabs x IMechE Survey 2023: Cost Pressures Hit Manufacturing's Sustainability Goal

Published: 11/23

If innovation has been the manufacturing buzzword of the past five years, the next five might be marked by a different one: inflation.

Anodising vs. Electroplating: How to choose the right finish for your parts

Published: 11/23

In the world of metal finishing, Anodising and Electroplating stand as formidable contenders, each wielding its own unique set of attributes to enhance the appearance, corrosion resistance, and durability of metal parts. To help you understand what ...

3D Printed Plastic: Prototypes: What's Next?

Published: 10/23

3D printing is often a great entry route to prototyping plastic parts mainly because it is a quick, flexible, and cost-effective process. But what happens once you are ready to move forward with your product development plan?

Designing 3D Printed Parts with Speed in Mind

Published: 10/23

When it comes to rapid prototyping, speed is key. Finding a supplier that can turn around your parts quickly and accurately is vital. But did you know there are things you can do when designing your part to ensure the quickest build possible?

Using Lattice Structures in 3D Printing for Strength and Lightweighting

Published: 10/23

Learn how to use lattice structures in your 3D-printed parts without making a mesh of things with this latest design tip.

Tips to Reduce Injection Moulding Costs

Published: 09/23

This design tip shares 11 ideas on how to cut costs when producing your injection moulded parts, from the smart utilisation of design for manufacturability analysis, self-mating parts, core cavities, on-demand production, and more.

CNC Machining for Slide Bearings

Published: 09/23

Slide bearings are a critical component in many engineering applications, they provide a smooth, low-friction surface that allows parts to move back and forth multiple times, with a long service life. This blog covers materials to consider for slide ...

Turning Over a New Leaf: Digital Manufacturing in Agriculture

Published: 09/23

In this blog, learn how digital manufacturing is helping the agriculture industry tackle new issues and age-old concerns that impact efficiency, sustainability, and the future of our food supply.

9 Strategies for Designing Multipart Assemblies

Published: 08/23

Two basic tenets of design for manufacturing and assembly best practices are shrink the bill of materials (BOM) and make products easy to assemble. If that sounds easier said than done, read on.