How to Design for Nylon 3D Printing

Published: 09/20

In industrial-grade 3D printing, part design lends itself to more freedom and the ability to produce complex geometries compared to part design using more traditional manufacturing processes. However, for 3D-printed nylon parts, there are five key considerations you should keep in mind to ensure ...

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Injection Moulded Parts

Published: 08/20

Designing injection-moulded parts may seem simple at first—liquid plastic resin is compressed into an empty cavity. Simple, right? In truth, there are lots of ways your designs can get tripped up, and many issues may emerge from parts that fail to design with manufacturability in mind.

Manufacturing Tool Kit for the Medical Industry

Published: 07/20

Eight ways to improve development of medical products and devices through design analysis, iterative prototyping, material considerations, and more

Industrial 3D Printing for Production Parts

Published: 06/20

Focus on process, materials, part geometry when designing for additive manufacturing

Topology optimization: how does it benefit designers?

Published: 05/20

In an increasingly global market, competitive pressures create demands on manufacturing organizations for increased innovation, automation, and throughput across every department, but especially product development.

Design through analysis: simulation-driven product development pays business dividends in transition to smart manufacturing

Published: 05/20

Manufacturing companies in today’s competitive global business climate face a seemingly insurmountable dichotomy: the need to develop, produce, and launch more innovative products of increasing complexity in less time and at lower cost while maintaining consistently high levels of quality.

Design through analysis: improving product design and automating manufacturability with topology optimization

Published: 05/20

Opening paragraph (a summary of the main body of the content in no more than two sentences) The availability of new manufacturing technologies—combined with demands for greater product development automation, innovation, and throughput—creates both challenges and opportunities for today’s product ...

Maximizing conceptual design effectiveness with Solidworks Conceptual Designer

Published: 05/20

?New concept creation represents the lifeblood of product development, powering an organization’s innovation engine and driving the development of successful products.

Consolidating your engineering environment with remote access

Published: 03/20

The idea of desktop virtualisation is not new, but it may be gaining new traction. The concept is straightforward. A desktop environment runs on a server in one location, and a user accesses that environment from another location. The hardware that runs applications is different than the hardware ...

Design Essentials for Injection Moulding

Published: 02/20

Our 3DP Material Selector lists specific measurements like resolution, tensile strength and hardness to ensure you have the most suitable material and additive manufacturing process for your part’s application.

Simulation and you: Getting to the truth of analysis

Published: 01/20

Simulation has come a long way since its inception. For decades, analysis was the exclusive domain of expert analysts. Fast forward to today, and many things have changed with simulation.

Is remote access to UNIX, Linux and Windows hindering your team collaboration?

Published: 10/19

Many engineers use high-quality graphics software to design products or analyse data. Inaccurate renderings will create defective products. Exceed TurboX offers unrivalled pixel-perfect drawing and precise colour rendering, which increases productivity and quality of work.

Design essentials – design to prototype

Published: 09/19

Supporting you through the early stages of your design process. Learn more about our Design for Manufacturability software, CAD files, application engineers, prototyping processes and selecting your material. It’s a valuable resource that can support you through the early design process.

CNC machining: Speeding up development time

Published: 08/19

Want to learn how you can optimise your product development cycles with CNC machining? This white paper shares how to design for the subtractive manufacturing process, select the best material for your application, and streamline new product development.

Design for Mouldability

Published: 07/19

Volume 1: A Rapid Injection Moulding Reference Guide for Product Designers and Engineers.

Difficulties with design software remote access?

Published: 06/19

Engineers need to have access to their 2D or 3D design software from anywhere, from the office, from home, from production sites and from customer sites around the globe.

Design considerations for overmoulding and insert moulding

Published: 05/19

A guide to two-material moulding and bonding options with plastics, elastomers, and metal inserts.

Automotive: reducing component weight

Published: 03/19

Increasing smog and pollution, fluctuating fuel prices, environmental concerns over fracking and offshore drilling — there are many reasons to increase fuel efficiency in both passenger and commercial vehicles. One of the best ways to do this is by reducing vehicle weight. Lighter cars mean ...

Medical and health care: accelerating speed to market

Published: 03/19

Speed to market is everything when it comes to development of medical components and devices. This white paper examines various rapid manufacturing options available to today’s medical design engineers and product developers.

Technical Guide – Edition 1.2: Gas Spring Overview

Published: 10/18

This whitepaper is the second edition to the two-part series “Gas Spring Overview”. It provides a wealth of technical information to aid in design projects which require assistance with motion control. This edition discusses “damping”, “metering & extension speeds”, “friction & P1 - P4 charts”, ...

Technical Guide – Edition 1.1: Gas Spring Overview

Published: 10/18

This whitepaper is the first of two editions put together as a technical overview of gas springs and dampers. It provides a wealth of technical information to aid in design projects which require assistance with motion control. This edition discusses ‘forces’, ‘effect of rod diameter’, ‘effect of ...

Understanding the basics: Guide to gas spring application

Published: 10/18

An explanation of what a gas spring is, component parts, and how they are both constructed and operate. It gives the reader a basic understanding of the workings and terminology used when specifying gas springs. It offers technical recommendations and guidelines for different mounting positions on ...