3D printing in Polypropylene

Written by: Protolabs | Published: 01/20

Polypropylene is the most widely used plastic in manufacturing and yet until recently if you wanted a prototype from this material your options were limited.

SLS is suitable for most functional testing. It readily replicates complex geometries and has good accuracy of size.

Whilst used in a wide range of industries, SLS is a popular choice in aerodynamic components, interior components in the automotive industry, hinges, electrical housings, sports equipment and tubing, due to its numerous properties.

Now with new developments in Polypropylene your design options have widened. Protolabs can now cost effectively 3D print this material, using selective laser sintering, to produce a part quickly and cost effectively. It means that you can test your prototype for form and function and quickly reiterate and retest before committing to full manufacture.

Not only will this ensure that you get it right, but it could shave weeks or even months from your product development cycle.

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