How can the European electric vehicle industry find its place on the global stage?

Written by: Protolabs | Published: 05/22

While the European electric vehicle industry has seen a surge in sales, many major OEMs are yet to make their presence felt on the EV stage and the region faces many challenges moving forwards.

Can battery production keep up with increasing demand? What are the opportunities and challenges awaiting us? Can Europe’s industry keep up and compete with the major manufacturers in the US and China?

Protolabs recently hosted a round-table discussion featuring experts Ade Thomas, founder of Green.TV, Francisco Carrazna, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ACC, and Ian Digman, Program Director (Vehicle Line) at Switch Mobility, who discussed how the European electric vehicle industry might find its place on the global stage.

Now available on-demand, the round-table discussion between these experts explores how European manufacturers can stay relevant on the international stage, the key battery innovations to look out for in the coming years, and the long-term trends in the European marketplace.

You can take in their top-level takes on the sector at your leisure by visiting our on-demand webinar here.Alternatively, Protolabs have also creating a learning paper exploring the themes of the discussion, which can be downloaded here.