Increase innovation and improve industrial design with SOLIDWORKS industrial design software

Written by: SOLIDWORKS | Published: 03/20

Growing your company’s market share is inextricably linked to product innovation and a strong brand identity, which requires the adoption of modern industrial design. In an increasingly competitive global market, product development companies need flexible industrial design tools that allows you to express your creativity, talent, and passion, as well as synchronize design communication with customers, suppliers, and engineering in a collaborative, interactive way to accelerate time-to-market and build effective product differentiation.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software provides the visual, collaborative, and social-enabled design environment that today’s industrial designers need to develop innovative, distinctive concepts which seamlessly integrate with downstream product development processes and incorporate greater input from key product development partners.

Effective industrial design demands a more collaborative, streamlined process

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come,” Victor Hugo once wrote. However, as industrial designers know, efficiently transferring innovative ideas and concepts from the mind onto paper, into a solid model, into a 3D-printed prototype, or into an actual product, presents challenges that ultimately determine when, and if, a product idea’s time has come. Industrial design is the foundation for both innovation and differentiation in product development; and you, as an industrial designer, play a major role in creating the design aesthetics that can make or break a product’s success.

As the market for new products continues to become increasingly global — not just in terms of customers but also through the appearance of disruptive, unanticipated competitors — shortening time-to-market has become more critical than ever. Thus, solutions that make your industrial design efforts more efficient, collaborative, and effective are imperative for ensuring that industrial design efforts result in successful, winning products. Although industrial designers have had access to many concept development tools — ranging from hand-sketching and clay modeling to computer drawing and surfacing software — these tools tend to offer single-point, non-integrated solutions that lead to distinct industrial design silos of activity and a fractured, disjointed, and non-collaborative product development process, resulting in unnecessary delays and costs.

What you, as an industrial designer, truly need is an integrated, synchronized design solution that enables you to collaboratively transform ideas for new product concepts into reality. You need an industrial design environment that offers better, integrated tools for sketching, visualizing, and modeling new concepts, allowing you to increase your focus on design aesthetics by stripping away the many ancillary tasks associated with single-point solutions. You need the freedom to quickly create multiple industrial design concepts in a short amount of time, and solicit and evaluate stakeholder input and feedback in real time, before integrating your industrial design data with product design, engineering, and manufacturing systems. You need an industrial design solution that facilitates workflows and concept reviews through a social-network-like communications link with collaborators. In short, you need SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer software, an industrial design solution whose time has come.

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