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Integrating design-to-manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS

Published: 03/20

Bringing design and manufacturing together: One of the single best decisions you can make to accelerate your product development process while lowering cost and improving quality.

Simulation doesn't replace experience

Published: 01/20

It is a misconception that simulation can replace experience in making design solutions. No company should use simulation results to overrule an engineer’s experience in making a design decision. At the end of the day, engineers make design decisions. Simulation is no replacement for engineering experience. However, simulation can enable engineers to make better design decisions in a couple of ways.

Can you replace prototyping with simulation?

Published: 01/20

No. To be perfectly clear, companies should not have any expectation that prototyping can be completely replaced with simulation. Every product should be physically tested to verify and validate the satisfaction of requirements, conformance to constraints, and performance against the engineer’s intent. That does not change with simulation. Period.

Simulation and you: Getting to the truth of analysis

Published: 01/20

Simulation has come a long way since its inception. For decades, analysis was the exclusive domain of expert analysts. Fast forward to today, and many things have changed with simulation.