Increase Your Linear Static Productivity in Six Minutes

Written by: Solidworks | Published: 11/20

Boost Your Engineering Problem Solving Power.

See six capabilities that significantly increase your linear static productivity in six minutes.

If Linear Static Analysis is top of mind when you hear simulation, this video is for you.

In less than six minutes, you'll learn how to fuel engineering problem solving and innovation with these capabilities:

  • Parametric Optimization to explore variations of a wide range of parameters including multiple CAD dimensions, Boundary Conditions, and Material properties
  • Topology Optimization to optimize material distribution and significantly reduce component weight
  • Load Case Manager to simplify the combination of full ranges of loading scenarios
  • Submodeling to focus on high stress regions with greater detail
  • 2D Simplification to solve simulations faster without sacrificing mesh density
Watch the video to learn how you can maximize your productivity and become a better Simulation user by upgrading to Simulation Professional.