SOLIDWORKS Conceptual designer single modeling Environment Drives innovation in Conceptual Design

Written by: SOLIDWORKS | Published: 04/20

Innovation in design solutions mirrors innovation in product development. The design engineer’s toolset has dramatically evolved over the past few decades—from manual drafting to computeraided design techniques and from 2D CAD tools to 3D parametric systems. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer represents the next evolutionary advance in conceptual design.

Developing innovative design concepts is critically important to the success of product development organizations, large and small, because these ideas lay the foundation for future business success. Using conventional CAD software for conceptual design presents challenges because traditional modeling tools—developed to finalize designs and support manufacturing/assembly—constrain the freedom, flexibility, and creativity that drive effective conceptual design. With the SOLIDWORKS ® Conceptual Designer single modeling environment, design engineers have a dedicated platform that is completely focused on quickly capturing, developing, and communicating design ideas and concepts.

By providing a single modeling environment that is entirely focused on the needs of conceptual designers, SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer helps manufacturers emphasize, facilitate, and stimulate innovation. The solution brings the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE® to the beginning of the product development process, establishing a nuanced, dedicated platform that can elevate conceptual design from a function that enterprises want to improve to a dynamic force for future growth. When conceptual designers can more easily and quickly model, share, test, modify, document, and save new design ideas and concepts, they can more successfully complete the groundwork that leads to the development of the innovative products that drive future manufacturing success.

Capturing and Retaining Conceptual Design Activity

What happens to all of the ideas that a designer explores but may not utilize in a particular design? SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer transparent data management capabilities facilitate the capture, retention, and management of all conceptual design activity. All concept ideas are valuable. While some ideas may never pan out, others may pay huge dividends in the development of future or different products. With SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, all design activity is maintained in a tagged concept archive that designers can access tomorrow, next week, or even years from now. With SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, ideas are not lost, but saved for future use.

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