Inconel 718: A superalloy with enduring relevance

Published: 01/19

Metal 3D printing has brought Inconel, the classic nickel-based heat resistant alloy, well and truly into the 21st century…

Mounting: Dampers

Published: 10/18

Should dampers be mounted rod up or rod down?

Mounting: Practical Application

Published: 10/18

When positioning a gas spring, what are the most suitable positions and why?

Effects of Temperature on Handling

Published: 10/18

What are the effects of temperature on handling forces?

Mounting: Crossover, Self-Rise & Self-Close

Published: 10/18

What is Crossover, Self-Rise & Self-Close; what affects does this have on lifting and closing action?

Gas Spring Mounting: Mounting Orientations

Published: 10/18

How do I identify mounting orientations, and which is the most effective?

Mounting positions & gas spring sizing continued: Closing force calculation

Published: 10/18

Similarly, the force required to close the lid (F2) can be calculated using the formula:

Mounting Positions & Gas Spring Sizing

Published: 10/18

Which mounting points and gas spring sizes should be used, and how are these calculated?

What are handling forces?

Published: 10/18

What are handling forces and how are they categorised?