Is your remote access for product design software fast enough?

Written by: OpenText | Published: 09/19

When using 2D or 3D design software are you having performance problems with remote access?

Maybe you are using free VNC or other remote access software and your interaction experience is not very good. There are delays between mouse and keyboard interactions and screen updates. Making it difficult to work on precise product designs from remote locations.

These issues can be overcome by using a high-performance remote access solution that allows cloud access to product design software from anywhere in the world.

Using virtualised design software brings many benefits to organisations:

IP protection

All data is being kept in a well secured data centre. No synchronisation and file version issues can occur.

Cost savings

Sharing expensive Engineering hardware reduces IT cost significantly.

Global collaboration

Organisations would like to hire good talent globally. Without good performing remote access this doesn’t work too well. Remote access software should be able to enable collaboration using screen sharing and similar techniques.

Watch the webinar video on how OpenText Exceed TurboX can help companies in Manufacturing to become more productive: