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Engineering Software in the Cloud

Published: 01/20

Moving engineering software to the cloud brings many benefits like total cost control, increased security, increased collaboration and many more.

Is remote access to UNIX, Linux and Windows hindering your team collaboration?

Published: 10/19

Many engineers use high-quality graphics software to design products or analyse data. Inaccurate renderings will create defective products. Exceed TurboX offers unrivalled pixel-perfect drawing and precise colour rendering, which increases productivity and quality of work.

Success through collaboration

Published: 10/19

How engineering and design professionals across industries achieve better outcomes using remote access collaboration.

Create a reliable remote access infrastructure

Published: 10/19

Organisations that heavily rely on remote access are looking to create a very reliable infrastructure to support their engineers. Down times of remote infrastructure immediately results in less engineering productivity.

Do your engineers need remote access to product design software from customer sites or other remote locations?

Published: 09/19

Look up product designs from a customer location and make quick changes before parts go into production. If this is a common scenario for you then you need powerful remote access.

Is your remote access for product design software fast enough?

Published: 09/19

When using 2D or 3D design software are you having performance problems with remote access?

Inphi leverages OpenText Exceed TurboX to consolidate data centres

Published: 09/19

As a leader in high-speed data movement, Inphi Corporation encourages its customers to think fast, equipping them with sleek semiconductor solutions that move big data around inside and between data centres. When Inphi looked to create a single data centre, it relied on enabling technology from OpenText.

Empower global teams with remote access collaboration

Published: 09/19

Give engineers powerful collaboration tools so they can resolve issues in teamwork and speed up the product design phase. Advanced collaboration is one of the many benefits of remote access.

Share your expensive engineering workstations in a data centre

Published: 09/19

Organisations have traditionally provided knowledge workers with high-end 3D workstations, which are expensive, difficult to maintain and keep users tied to their desk.

Inphi leverages OpenText Exceed TurboX to consolidate data centres

Published: 07/19

International semiconductor company uses OpenText software to drive engineering design efficiency and simplify IT infrastructure management.